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PHPSESSID=ae19973a93edcb95*******; cprelogin=no

In mail logs it sese i am sending this code to a user like every 5 minuets ?

Does anyone no why ?


Ps. i changed some of the numbers in that code in case it was something people could use against me.

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Re: Phpsessid

in you game-mail??? I suppose it's a sessionID,which says "this was my data or what I was doing kinda"

but it sounds more like something you would see in your regular email box(s) after having been a victim

of a virus, etc.

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Re: Phpsessid

I don't want to stifle free speech, but I don't know quite where md draws the line on posting potentially maicious code (i realize this doesn't work yet in your game)

maybe the members here should just focus on how to preg_replace etc the sig input form to insure such code does not work, -which it doesn't, but with modifications...who knows? he's attempting to get into cpanel???

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