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I am having a huge problem with my fed jail


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Re: I am having a huge problem with my fed jail

well, what I was driving at was to find out if fedjail was set to '1' in 'users' and no entry in the fed table was made.

I've seen this scenario, -when someone edited a file or made a user table entry w/o a jedjail entry.

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Re: I am having a huge problem with my fed jail

Please Deathstar, don't derail the thread by trying to start an arguement. I'm asking valid questions about a game I do have some knowlege of. -and know what the owners are and aren't capable of in this case.

Just look at it this way..if you did what I'm asking, then the result WOULD be what I said. Nevermind whether it makes sense, is wise, good programming, --just know it's possible, and a game owner being unfamiliar with cause and effect could go set fedjail='1'.

If you have other constructive ways for whodini and latino to investigate this or narrow exactly what is occurring, hey, jump in.

After all, you're quite capable, very knowledgeable, and would likely find the problem yourself if armed with a few more details.

...but please -go argue with someone else. I'm trying to help her, and you want to argue the wisdom of of a question designed to get more info in order to help.

i don't want to make ya mad...I need YOU to get more fixated on what HER problem stems from and help her, not debate the wisdom of what could have led to a game posessing code which may have led to one possible scenario which would tell us where to look for the problem. Agreed?

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Re: I am having a huge problem with my fed jail

ok, i found the problem, well, it's not really a problem. but anyways, they must have a macro.php installed in the game, and if you fail to enter the right validation number 5 times, it will auto fed, and you can not get out, until you go to the phpMyAdmin page, and go to users,,, then change the fedjail days to zero, then go to the bottom, and change the "screwups" , yes, screwups, from 5, back to zero, and then hit the go tab, and, voila, they are out. :-D

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