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hello, I would like for you to take a moment and review my site located at http://www.uranme.net

The game is currently in beta still and has a few minor bugs, but the game is growing.

Uranme is a free online browser based interactive nation simulator. A turn-based strategy game which allows you direct control of a simulated nation where you control all diplomatic relations as well as all the nation's military relations.

Uranme is a text-based PBBG/MMO game played on the web directly through your browser with no downloads required. Join today with thousand of other players from all over the world.

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When i opened the site, i really liked the look of things.

I seen on the navigation bar, there is a "store" i had to check it out, I liked the little selection you had for both men and women for a good price also.

Also there is a forum link on the login / home area, a great place to get to know the owners / staff and for "you" members to suggest additions for the game and report bugs.

When i signed up and logged in i got told i didnt have a nation and to create one, and then it brought up a lod of cool information about my "nation" and on the right navigation bar there is links for taxes, bills and resources.

On the left navigation bar we also have:-

Market - Which is obviously where you buy items.

Inbox - Sending and recieving mails to memb ers.

Chat - Where the users chat

Search - Where you can search for nations and members.

World - Where all the games stats are... E.G. ammount of nations.


Overall i think this game has good colour scheme and good game play and has a lot of potentiol.

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