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[mccode] Casino [$15.00]

Absolute Zero

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Title: Casino

Price: $15.00

Availability: 11 Codes Left!


- 2 PHP files (casino.php & roulette.php)

- 37 Images (roulette images)

- Instructions (instructions.txt)


-Adds a new area called "Casino".

-In the casino gambling area it shows how many gambling tokens you

have, your streak and what games are available to you.

-You get 75 casino tokens a day and your streak is reset.

-You can bet on the roulette table and watch it spin.

-Everytime you spin your winstreak goes up/down and you lose a token.

-Once you lose all 75 casino tokens, you cannot play again.

-If a player reaches over $200,000 in streak money, they cannot access the roulette for that day.

-Soon more gambling games can be purchased from Absolute Zero!








Information (Side note):

This mod was coded by me, and was made for V1 and It can be converted to V2. I can install this mod for a small fee if your having difficulties. If there are any problems with the script please contact me and I will be glad to fix them! You are not allowed to resell, thank you! If you have any questions/want to purchase please contact me at:

Email & MSN: [email protected]

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Casino [$15]

Looks good - I considered a wheel approach on mine but using JS to position a ball instead of multiple images.

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