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Proxy Banning


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Ok guys im getting to the stage were its starting to get so annouying of all these multis, well how do we fight them?

a thew questions

how do i find out a proxy ip?

can i ban someone coming from a site url to my site? like a proxy script

has anyone else sorted this?

anyone got aloud of the proxys ips?

cheers lets get fighting this

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Re: Proxy Banning

Fighting proxy users is tough. You could blacklist known IPs but this could be a lot of work.

Check out this site


They have a list of known TOR proxy IPs. It might be overwhelming at how many proxies are out there.

I've managed to keep cheating down fairly well by preventing certain functions from working between players who have shared IPs in the past. I have a table with all IPs used by each user. If anyone tries to do a certain game function (send cash for example), they get blocked. The info also gets entered into a log. This has worked very well since cheaters ALWAYS end up having both accounts sharing an IP. It's a permanent block too, automatic, and requires no eyes to know it happens.

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Re: Proxy Banning

good idea

not sure but shouldnt you be able to block make a site reconize proxies and then give you options weather to





heck that would be useful as a regular option in staff panel for users

and make it where when you click investigate if gives you a list of logs and actions they have done!!!

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Re: Proxy Banning

Well yes it is possible to write some code to check if the IP has an open proxy on it, but the downfall is this.

If you were to do that, 1 it would really slow down the game because you would have your server contacting every IP that logs onto it, and your server would be trying to see if i can connect to thier system so that it can check for the open proxy. 2. you would also endup denying entry to lots of people out there that are completly legitamate, as they have to use proxies to be able to surf the internet.

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