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SQL querys


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I got this mail about when people equip items.

Ok say you have two windows open in the inventory and say i have any weapon on. In one window i take the weapon off I will have one in the inventory. Then in the other window if i hit unequip on the same wepon because you dont refresh you will end up with 2.

Can anyone shed some light on this please. I got no idea how to stop this from happening.

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Re: SQL querys

you may want to remind somone what version you are running of the game and the mod.

several variants or equip wep exist I believe. i.e., do you have a 'equipped' table? --

or just fields in 'users' which store the item_id, etc.

does unequip(by whatever name) receive an item_id ? and is the unequip script just a default case switch?

if so, we may know what version you have.

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Re: SQL querys

ok I'm running version 1.1 of the code. i have an equipped table and unequipped is just a script and the unequip script is just a default case switch... I'm guessing that it's a default case switch as it has this at the top of it

case 'eqdelete': eq_delete(); break;

default: eq_delete(); break;

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Re: SQL querys

well in the mod you have, the first browser window executed:

mysql_query("DELETE FROM equipped WHERE eq_id={$_POST['ID']}",$c);

or something along those lines...

so at least have this, although the existing script does NO checking, and this does little.:

$checkid=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM equipped WHERE eq_id={$_POST['ID']} AND eq_userid=$userid",$c);
if(mysql_num_rows($checkid)== 0)
{ echo "You ain't got nuffin there!"; }
global $ir,$c,$h,$userid;
mysql_query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',{$_POST['item']},$userid,{$_POST['qty']})",$c);
mysql_query("DELETE FROM equipped WHERE eq_id={$_POST['ID']} AND eq_userid=$userid",$c);
echo "Item back in inventory.";
echo "[url='inventory.php'][back to my stuff][/url]";
[i]whatever else[/i]


I hope that's correct, I don't have this mod version but have seen it before, and was hoping someone who had fixed it would post, but that's my best recollection of it.

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