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[mccode] EvoGame [Bank Mod V1.5] [$15.00 - $20.00]


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Name: Bank Mod V1.5 (Updated Version of EvoGame Bank Mod V1.0)

Coded By: JDubz

Compatibility: Lite, V1.0, V1.1, & V2.0 If requested

Information: This is a updated version of the Bank Mod created by EvoGame. For all of you who don't know about this mod I will give a brief description. This modification was designed by EvoGame to make the game feel more realistic. Users can create bank account selecting there Account Number + PIN (The Same account number cant be used more then once). This Account number + PIN will be used to sign into there Bank account, twist is if another user finds out there Bank Number, and PIN number the user can get into the account steal whats being stored in the bank account. You will be able to use logs to trace who stole the money, or took the money and put hits up for him and all that jazz. Also if you have a good friend or "Lover" on the game and would like to share accounts that be good to. Also this is a great mod for contest, Missions and place hints all over the game to find the bank account info or something they can get the money first. Great mod and users will love this modification I think this is a must for your game :-D

The Bank V1.5 has included much more features then Bank V1.0 here are some of them listed below:

-Billing System (You can choose to have weekly fee, in my game I call it BUF (Bank Usage Fee) that piles up every week. $5,000 each week which can be edited easily. After user builds up about $20,000 they wont be able to withdraw or deposit crystals, or withdraw money (they can deposit so they can pay the fee) the BUF will get to a max of $50,000 which can be edited easily.


--Max Money (The max amount of money allowed to be stored)

--Crystal Vault (You upgrade so you can store crystal in the bank)

-Info & Info change

-Wire Money

-More desirable registration

-More desirable layout

-Security update

-Better description page



3 PhP Files

1 SQL & 1 SQL Edit

Price: $15.00 or $20.00 + Free Updates to next version. Reefer to http://evogame.evoserv.org/ or email [email protected] to purchase modification. You can also send me private message on here and I will get back to you with details on purchase.

NOTE: Users that have purchased Bank Mod V1.0 will get this update FREE OF CHARGE head to http://evogame.evoserv.org/ and logging and follow upgrade instruction. If you purchased from email send email to [email protected] and you will receive upgrade package.

Copy's Left: 10

Demo Site: http://demo.evoserv.org

Screen Shots: Note: These are not the entire mod, if you want all of what the mod can do visit our Demo Site.





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Re: EvoGame [bank Mod V1.5]

I thought it be nice, but if you can code it go for it you would save your self some money. It just has bunch of extra stuff within like upgrade and stuff. I think personally its a good modification to buy but if you wanna go use to the and code it yourself by all means do it you save your self 15$ :). I think that I wanna sell this to people that like ain't so good at coding, though coding for DBS Source is very easy but some are new and I thought they also might like this for there game.

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