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New virus going trough MSN


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hia all..

I just could not understand why im sending :

?????Š??? ™ says:

is that you on this photo http://www.blah.info/photo13.php

I took a look..

That http://www.blah.info/photo13.php is a virus.

It saves itself on your computer:


Different name each time but still ".com"

So if someone send you that link:

Nooo, Toutchie!!

edit: domain changed as people can get the virus by clicking on it ~mdshare~

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Re: New virus going trough MSN

It's not hard to explain. When you browse a website with cookies enabled the cookie information is stored locally on your computer for that session. Once placed onto your hard drive it can potentially inject itself through a number of methods (Probably depending on your browser and how it calls cookies)...

Not hard at all - and simple to explain... If you want the complex version I'm sure someone else will be happy to provide you with that information.

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