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Re: Fav command


Using it at all is un-pro :\

lol yeah, unless its a little bit of the page with a bit of info on it, there are like 1/100 exceptions for using Marquee, otherwise people use it to make others think they are smart when they are like 10 :P

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Re: Fav command


i like marquee only if its alot of text to marquee, like a few sentences, one sentence is too little so there is no point marquee of it and it looks un-pro

Thats why there is "direction"!

for example, if you have alot of text.

<marquee direct='up' behavior='scroll'>
This is actually a very long text, but as you can see im typing just to make it long spo yea..</marquee>

Using it at all is un-pro :\

True rather use flash.
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