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!!! Many ideas for Mc 2.0 but I cant program !!!


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Well hello people i'm new to the forums and well lets just say that I have came up with, quite a few scripts that may intrest you all. I am no programmer but I know html, The scripts I have/had in mind for the past few days has been bothering me and im wondering if anyone can give me basic steps on where to start with the following information for a few scripts.


Script #1: Armor and Weapons upgrades:

As you know there are not many armor nor weapon scripts out there, the script which i had in mind is to be able to upgrade the levels, qualitys, and have bonus additions to the items. Such as for example:

Upgrading Levels: haveing setup for a certain stone to upgrade the level of item the from a lower level to the users level.

Qaulity Upgrades: A stone to change the type of item/s from regular types to more of refined, unique, elite, or super.

Bonus Additons: Another stone to add a plus number beside the name to give it extra effects, Such as attack, agility, i.q, etc.


Ways of payment through the game to gain these stones/items:

A. Paying via paypal, sms, credit card, etc

B. Using another kind of currency in the game that is very rare.

C. Donateing to the game itself.


If you have any ideas or would like to help me with this project please send me a pm or send me a message through yahoo and/or msn and my screen names are:

Yahoo: [email protected] or [email protected]

MSN: [email protected]

p.s. Thanks for looking and reading this forum, and if you would like to hear my other ideas, pm me I am always happy to share.

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Re: !!! Many ideas for Mc 2.0 but I cant program !!!

Nifty idea. I've got unique weapons on the game coming out, it'll have some of those features, not the stone for upgrading stats or such, but it'll have the option to pay for upgrades in game, or buy them via paypal. :)

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Re: !!! Many ideas for Mc 2.0 but I cant program !!!

If i understand it right , this is not worth the money.

Your biding for an idea people , its not really a product , i think vorlen you could just code this ... afterall the 'owner' doesnt even have a mod.

He cant code so i suggest to code it yourself ....

No offense to ya , but i wouldnt pay for an idea ;)

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