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easy question i hope


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where would i find the table in v1 that tells it what to look for when listing the user's stat ranks on the index page? i cant find it on index.php

i guess i should specify better. im a big noob at this stuff. my buddy has a game and he has it set up so i can mess around in a beta version. im trying to add pet stat ranks to the table that lists their stats. i wanted to try to modify the one that makes the user stat ranks work. i have everything working right except for the actual ranks of the pet stats

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Re: easy question i hope

if you mean as in Strength: 10,805,714 [Ranked: 13]<--this....

that's in global_func.php, as function get_rank($stat, $mykey)

you may want to look up COUNT(*) in your sql references in the query that is performed, -if you need to.

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