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basicly i want to make another forum of currency, like Crystals and Money, i want to call it Credits, how do i make a currency called credits?

and like i know how to make it so if someone spends like 1000 credits it takes the credits away

mysql_query("UPDATE users SET credits=credits-1000 WHERE userid=$userid",$c);

and i want it so in header.php it will say

Money: {$fm}

Level: {$ir['level']}

Crystals: {$ir['crystals']}

Credits: {$ir['credits']}

but how do i make it so that credits are real things and they count up, once that is done all i will need to do is make is so you trade them, which is really easy and i can do with no help. so please help!

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Re: Currency


Open your CPanel.

Click "MySQL Databases"

Click "PHPMyAdmin"

Select your Database from Dropdown (if required)

Click "users"

Go to bottom of table and click where it says "Go" beside "Add another [___] row(s) to the table"

On this screen, in the name section, call it "credits"

From dropdown, select BIGINT

Set value box to 20

Set default to 0 (or whatever number you wish for them to start with)

Click "Go"

You're not ready to use the $ir['credits'].

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Re: Currency

i havent worked out how to do token shops yet buy u can use them 4 pages

by doing this

if($ir['tokens'] > 0)


print "<h3>Page Title<h3/>





print "Sorry you have no tokens, please come back when your tokens have refilled!

> Back";


mysql_query("UPDATE users SET tokens=tokens-1 WHERE userid=$userid",$c);

so u can change to go on certain papes.

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