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Help me with these please:


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In my admin panel i need:

Gang Edit - So i can edit gang Respect, Gang Money and Gang Crystals


Shop Delete - so i can delete a shop

i know shop delete was around here somewhere but that was like months ago, i have searched and everything but couldnt find!

Please help me, these are for V1

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Re: Help me with these please:

I have had a try at Delete Shop using "delete item type" hehe, it should be ok i havent tried as i cant get access to a host for about another week because i havent bought one yet :D

i have done:

case 'killshop': kill_shop_form(); break;

case 'killshopsub': kill_shop_submit(); break;

For the case



function kill_shop_form()


global $ir,$c,$h,$userid;

print "<h3><font color=white>Deleting Shop</h3><font color=white>

The shop type will be permanently removed from the game.

<font color=white>

<form action='admin.php?action=killshopsub' method='post'><font color=white>

Shop: ".shop_dropdown($c,"shop")."

<input type='submit' value='Kill Shop' /></form>";


function kill_shop_submit()


global $ir,$c,$h,$userid;

mysql_query("DELETE FROM shop WHERE shopid={$_POST['shop']}",$c);

print "The shop type was removed from the game.";


underneath that far down into admin.php

PLEASE tell me if its right or what i should change

and please help me do the gang edit aswell

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