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please help with HOF


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im a complete noob at this and im just trying to learn something. can someone see if they can tell me what i am doing wrong here? i may be way off on the code for what i am attempting


function hof_attacks()


global $ir,$c,$userid;

print "Showing the 20 users with the highest total attacks


Pos User

$q=mysql_query("SELECT u.*,g.* FROM attacklogs u LEFT JOIN gangs g ON g.gangID=u.gang WHERE u.user_level != 0 ORDER BY (us.wins+losses) DESC,u. userid ASC LIMIT 20", $c);





if($r['userid'] == $ir['userid']) { $t="";$et=""; } else { $t="";$et=""; }

print "

$t$p$et $t{$r['gangPREF']} {$r['username']} [{$r['userid']}]$et ";



i am trying to put a category in my HOF for most total attacks. i also want it to list the total there too. i know i didnt include that part anywhere yet. please dont make fun of me if i am going completely in the wrong direction with this. i cant figure out why it wont show anything when i click the link for "total attacks". i dont get any kind of error

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Re: please help with HOF

I would suggest doing this.

Add a category to your usertable called "attacks"

change attack system so when you attack it adds one to your attacks count, win or loss.

Then, you simply call that number and order by the highest to lowest, limit 20. :)

Make any sense?

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