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level 1000

spellbyte ®

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a couple of users have reached lvl 1000 , ridiculously high i know but anyway

when they reach lvl 1000 there EXP bar keeps fluctuating between - and +, to see what the problem was i made my lvl 1000 and i have now got -307% and it keeps increasing by 100 everytime i refresh the page,

my EXP field is set to "decimal 18,4", not sure if that could be the problem,

anyone have any ideas please

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Re: level 1000


Level 1000??


*shakes head and wanders off*


I agree, the economy is totally shot in my game now, it's down to a bug i had that noone told me about, and the game has been going on far to long to even considfer a reset, i just have to think of a way to get it back to a reasonable standard now.

more chance of pigs getting a pilots license

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