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Java for those wanting to learn!


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So, I have always mainly used PHP/SQL as a primary language when fixing or debugging scripts. If you have seen any of my other posts you will see how I wrote that I often have a hard time creating a script from scratch. It is like a form of writer's block or something and it drives me insane. But I can often take a script and totally re-write it to the point it is unrecognizable from it's original source. But that is not the point of this post.
I wanted to dive into a new programming language. And what other language then Java? Java easily transitions into Kotlin, for app development and Android Studio which is just a beefed up IntelliJ IDE. So when I wanted to learn about Java, I went to this website called Coursera. Which they offered me a free certificate from Princeton University called "Programming With A Purpose", which it mainly focuses on Java, but it does teach the fundamentals out of their textbook of "Interdisciplinary Programming".

Coursera - Your Gateway To Higher Education

You can check out the website, and get yourself into the same program absolutely free! They have so many free programs it is amazing. And these certificates you can earn are all professionally recognized and accredited.

I just thought I would inject this opportunity into the community here.

Good luck and keep learning everyone!

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