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IPN system

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okay, ive tried many many way from the forums on here to get my IPN system to work for donator system and no luck, i am still learning alot about coding and with coding but for some reason.... i really do not know why but... i can not seem to understand how to rebuild the paypal IPN system for the game im trying to make.

I have looked and looked over this board many times, MANY MANY links to paypal pages, how to pages, fixes, ideas and ect. are no longer up, working, or even exist anymore, ive been at this for about a month and my mind/brain just cant seem to understand this one.


Can anyone help out or be willing to share an working PayPal IPN for donators?


I Have/Use:

McCodes v 2.0.5b

PayPal Verified Business Account 

Donator packs are Items(for in-game trades & sales)

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