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MeanStreetsMafia a Brand new Text Based Mafia Game!


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MeanStreetsMafia was released on the 24th of October! Just over a week ago. Since the day of release, we have seen continuous growth here, and are expecting to expand even more so in the coming future.

Along with its recent success in starting up, this will enable us to improve all aspects of the game to suit our users need. I would like to invite You to come join me in the making of MeanStreetsMafia!

This game offers some unique features! Let me give you some examples.

- Own Multiple Properties.

- Rent Properties.

- Shares Housing When Married.

- Bloodbath (A weekly competitive leaderboard all users partake to win points)

- Missions

- Advanced Pet System

- Activity Points

Along with these great features, we have to offer we also have a super fast crime/gym system in place, this allows our users to save their precious time instead of having to sit around clicking all day!

As of this post-

250 Total Mobsters | 40 Mobsters Online | 134 Mobsters Online (24 Hours)

We hit around 65 online at peak times. We hope to see you soon here at MeanStreets! Message id 1 and say you came from here for a nice little welcome bonus.

I have uploaded a couple of screenshots of MeanStreets. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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built off the grpg engine lol from looking at 1 picture i knew it was grpg asoon as you posted As of this post-

250 Total Mobsters | 40 Mobsters Online | 134 Mobsters Online (24 Hours)


wish you all the best if you need any development work done for your game as one of the owners of GRPG i am very familiar with it.


I would love to have a full time coder here. Do you have skype?

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