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Paid Mod - JQ inventory - Need help - Not loading

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Ok, I figured out you have to select a category first. BUT it still will only list the first item. Also, with cronus gang armory I need to add the following


5. Find the following lines in your current inventory.php(around line 97-100):
print " [<a href='equip_armor.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Equip as Armor</a>]";
After it, add:
$ujk=$db->query("SELECT * FROM loaned WHERE nUSER=$userid && nITEM={$i['itmid']} LIMIT 1",$c);
if($gangdata['gangARMORY'] > 0 && $howmany == 0)
print" [<a href='armory.php?action=donate&ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Donate To Gang</a>]";
if($howmany > 0)
print" [<a href='armory.php?action=return&ID={$lnd['nID']}'>Return To Gang</a>]";


Which messes up the inventory and nothing shows. Anyone know how to get ahold of the mod developer? For $20, this thing needs to work.


[uSER=65371]sniko[/uSER] it says special thanks to you in the mod. Can you help?


looks like a mysql error could be wrong but it has a && in the statement and i think thats for php only try change that to AND so like this


$ujk=$db->query("SELECT * FROM loaned WHERE nUSER=$userid AND nITEM={$i['itmid']} LIMIT 1",$c);
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