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Daily Missions Update


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Let me start by saying if you purchased my Daily Missions Module from the market place then please download the new 1.03 version.


I have just released a update for my Daily Missions module updated applied.

  • Converted all sql files into one file.
  • You can now create single task missions (Had to use all 8 tasks before).
  • Cleaned up the staff file and removed code that was needed also added some extra security i missed.
  • Fixed up a issue in the text files which was causing task 8 to fail.
  • Fixed a issue where user would leave page and come back and there mission was completed.

All old code from 1.02 that was left over from the 1.01 update has been removed in the 1.03 so please correct issues.


If you don't have the module and would like to purchase here is link http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=168

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