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Check out Eclipse Online Odyssey!

Nicos Is Fluffy

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Eclipse Online Odyssey is a 2D ORPG with an overwhelming amount of content offered to those who partake.


Eclipse Online Odyssey, or EOO for short, features a sprawling open world with tons of hidden areas and zones, dynamic NPC relations, grueling dungeons and boss fights, and so much more! With our new talents system, Dynamic boss mechanics, and quest tracking system, your jaw will be dropping in awe!


You can check out our forums here:



You can download it directly from here:





Mirror Link:



If the MediaFire download is taking to long to download, download from the Mirror link for a faster download!


In correspondence to the early release, there will be an event that will drop early access items. Get these items while you can! Also, Every month, there will be a cash prize for arena PVP, the Highest Battle Ranking, and the most quests completed! Tune into these events every Month between the 25th, and the 29th!


Here are some screenshots of the games! [ATTACH=CONFIG]n375331[/ATTACH]









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