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Another Fishing mod


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Simple fishing mod.

NO additions to the Users table needed.

what it will do.

1.) users must buy a permit to fish.

2.) users must make or buy a fishing pole.

3.) users must find or buy bait.

i do not have it limited to xx times per day as my users have to craft the needed items and crafting it limited so for me this is how i limit them. It can be changed to for your needs to limit them.

4.) users fish and have a chance to get 21 outcomes. anything from hooking yourself to catching a fish or even falling in the water.

5.) if they hurt themselves while fishing it will send them to the hospital.

6.) if they break a pole it will take it from them, same as if they lose the bait. they will need to make or buy another one.

7.) the fish they catch are usable items in the game for food, i have them set to give energy, brave, will based on the item. (make your do what you like)

What do you need to do for this mod you ask?

You will have to make a few items listed below and change the item numbers in the file to your items.

Items you will need to make are

1 - Fishing Permit

2 - Fishing Pole

3 - Bait

4 - Soft Shell Turtle

5 - Crappie

6 - Sunfish

then add a file called fishing.php and add this code. Once you change the item numbers in the code to your created items you should be set and ready to fish.

Fishing.php <-- link to this file on your explore page or wherever you would like it to show up.


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