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Assassin-City ~ Cronjobs


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Hi. I need help on Cronjobs. Reward is 25% Income of Donations. Free cpanel hosting if wanted. Userlevel admin on AC.

Also others positions on AC.

Coder - You will get some money off donations. Free cpanel hosting if wanted. Userleverl Admin on AC.

Co-owner - 25% Income of Donations, Must be able to code PHP. Userlevel Admin on AC.

Cheater-Catcher - $800,000 a week in game money, Must be active. Userlevel Sec on AC.

Player Support - $550,000 a week in game money, Must be active at least 4 times a week, Userlevel Sec on AC.

Game Layout Desginer - $1,000,000 a week in game money, Get some money of donations, Userlevel Admin on AC.

Chat Moderator (For when chat will be coming soon) - $100,000 game money a hour on chat, Userlevel Assistant on AC.

Couple more...

In all jobs Assassin-City must be able to trust you, 100%. All Donations once are given to AC paypal are then forwarded to whoever needs there money. Game also does a competition every week to win a donator package.

Thanks for looking,



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