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TheRaceRPG - Unfinished Project

Just Ace

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Hello MWG,

As I have moved onto new things in life, before new things got in the way I had my eyes dedicated upon finishing a project that truly does have lots of potential.

Heres the link: http://www.theracerpg.com

It has been several months now that I haven't touched anything on this project and I would be a little sad to see it go down the drain with lots of potential compared to the crap others have been making which is just the same old you would have seen for the past years, I believe this one can stand out with a good committed & dedicated owner.

The game is more of a Browser Based type, instead of the classical text based and as Browser based are more towards the age we are in now, this project surely can be brought to life (I hope lol).

About the engine:

This was originally a bought script somewhere on the web (I can't remember where, I'm sure someone can link it up) and is part of the pro script on an extended license.

However, I would not be selling this license/game/script unless there are modules or much part of the coding which is my own, which is why I am actually selling it - and not for a huge price either.

My Modules:

These below are screen shots of modules of my own, thinking back, I must of took ideas out of some of the MCCodes features and made the visuals and coding much more richer.. here they are and they have absolutely nothing to do with the script I bought.

Petrol Station:


Exchange Center:


Food & Drinks:




There is also a Missions module that is my own, Cruise the Streets & Lucky Boxes are also coded by myself however is a feature also that exists on MCCodes as I stated earlier.

I have to hold my hands up on this script also to the fact it came with one of the best Staff Panels & Donation/VIP section I have ever seen from any script or that anyone has created, I will follow up some images of the Staff Panel soon, however you can of course visit the game to see the VIP Section.

So yes, thats all.. the game needs more work visually and a few more modules added at least before it really is ready to put out there properly.

The Domain is also all yours, and there is several months remaining on Shared Hosting with GoDaddy & I know that opening your own game isn't wise on Shared Hosting however, whilst you look to continue to work on it, you have several months totally free basically..

I'm willing to take offers for this, I don't want to set a fixed price, games are hard to sell these days and find dedicated owners which I really want all this to go to someone dedicated because it has the potential to have great success.

I'll stop blabbing on!

Heres the link: http://www.theracerpg.com







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