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clickable fists

spellbyte ®

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I know that fists are used if someone attacks a user who doesn't have a weapon, what i want to do is setup my attack script so that if for example i was to go and attack someone when i didn't have a weapon, i could choose to use my fists,

I know it would be pretty pointless but it's all a part of something else im working on, if anyone has any idea on this could please msg me either on here or MSN

thanks in advance

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Re: clickable fists

I'd probably just hard code it myself within attack.php.  I'd create a fake weapon in the items table called Fists.

Then during attack, if the person has no items to use, it does a Print line listing the item 'Fists' as a usable weapon.

Then of course if your attack code is done right, and blocks invalid weapon Ids, you'd have to add an exception to that rule that always allows fists.

If you wanted to go one step further, you could add an IF statement that doesn't allow you to use fists if you're already wielding a weapon.  This would prevent user tinkering to a degree.  Or maybe you want them to be able to do both.

I can't imagine spending more than 30 minutes on something like that

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