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Crime Outcome


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Hey guy's can someone briefly explain something quick to me...


((Will*0.8)) Means... 8/10 Successfull? This is on every crime so i wondered if thats the success rate?

/1.5) Means... Over Level 1.5 (Nearly Level 2?) = 100% outcome?

+(LEVEL/1) Means Level 1+ to be able to commit the crime?

Please explain if i'm wrong, i'm just taking a shot of what i think it is, i'm sure i'll need correcting lol :)

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Re: Crime Outcome

((WILL*0.8 )/1.5)+(LEVEL/1)

So, we'll do the rate of a newb.

LVL 1, 100 Will.

so, 100*0.8=80





Successrate, is 54% of the time for basic stuff. Increase the will bar, and it goes up alot, increase in level, it goes up a bit.

So if you want it to be realllllllly hard, make the *0.8 SMALLER and the /1.5 (and the /1) LARGER. This will make things exceptionally difficult (if my math serves me right.)

If you make the*0.8 larger, it makes it much easier.


That help at all?

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Re: Crime Outcome


Yea, i got that.. Was pretty simple! Cheer's! New game, don't want the economy hitting the roof in a few week's :P

Bast get back to it, bye 4 now.. Thank's!


If you want to have a slow economy, kill the crystal market and will potions sellability.


My game has no crystal market, and will potions are a stat, so that they cannot be bought or sold, makes it so you never see prices like 5 bill for a will pot. lol

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Re: Crime Outcome

I had to kill my item market because of the same situation... I have logs of my credits so i see something stupid on the credit market, 1 click there gone! I'm having BIG trouble with the item market, some how... 1/50 Player's are somehow getting free items and i'm not sure how!! Was a problem with the merge item's before which allowed you to get as much item's as possible for free!! I just dont know how there doing it now :\

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Re: Crime Outcome

I was under the impression that the Crime Outcome was not solely determined by that formula. I am sure that Exp, Level etc, were taken into account (in the actual docrime.php file) ... I wouldn't know, as i completely changed our crimes funcitons

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