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Drugs System

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Hey all so i have started working on a little project which i am going to be releasing for free its nothing fancy.

This module will allow your users to be able to buy drug buildings which will produce drugs for them every day

i will say that the mod will properly be useless to you as i think its more of a module for a Round Based RPG

as it will cause major inflation issues (unless i or you re code it some and find a way to make it give less money)

screenshot of what i have done so far


Edit: I grabbed a quick image from google looks like a school but ah well :D

Also forgot to say that this module will include a drug dealer who will buy and sell your drugs


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Little Update

* Added code to buy x amount of buildings

* Added database structure for users buildings and added code to show

* Added code for selling your buildings

* Added code for showing your buildings

To Come

* Code up the cron that will handle daily drug production and daily fees

* Code up a formula for max buildings a user can have based on iq and other factors

* Code up a drug dealer which will buy / sell drugs

Screenshots So Far


Have Removed the option for special benefits



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