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cron ^^


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cron ^^

Ask some pro coders, they should be able to help. If you bought the codes from DBS then you should get a notepad document of all you need to do. And if you select the easy option of the crons, then I think it's easier to set em. Other than that, I cant help in any way. Sorry.

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cron ^^

i tried to just run it manually and it comes back with error

Error Executing Query 1 for updating users to UPDATE users SET energy=energy+(maxenergy/(12.5)) WHERE energy



okay so...i fixed that error but still the cron is not working :S

it runs manually but it will not do it automaticly i waited 10 mins and still nothing :/

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Re: cron ^^

well learned how to run it manually, no go.....

had a few people look at it and there is no reason that anyone can see that the 5 min file does not work.

mean while my stamina has been 50% for 4 days now. :-o

Antoher day or two and I'm going to say screw this script. If the trial is this buggy I aint paying and having these headaches while trying to run my game.

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