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It's a shame the whole game is full of security holes.

Don't worry your socks; I'm not going all out. Just a simple test and I've notified staff.

What I could have done;

  • Diverted all traffic to a server I own somewhere in the world, and hijack their session.
    • I'll have free reign over their account. Even if they change their password, I'll still be in
    • Send items to other accounts
    • Send money to other accounts
    • Blah blah blah
    • Get into a staff account and execute any server side code I wanted via crime exploit
      • Give me any item in the game
      • Make me max level
      • Give me max stats
      • Blah blah blah


    [*]Deface my profile

    [*]Deface forum topics (2 ways I can do this)



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