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La Cosa Nostra - A 3D Mafia themed MMORPG!

Dott Dogg

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La Cosa Nostra or LCN for short is 3D massive-multiplayer mafia themed role-playing game currently in development. The game takes places in a fictional city called Esperanza City. Upon your first time logging in you'll be asked to create your mobster. You'll be able to adjust their body weight, muscle tone, hair color, eye, color and so forth. When you're done you'll be put into the massive city of Esperanza. Where from there it's up to you on what to do. You can get a gang of other players together and complete missions together, or take it a step further and raid the police station. You'll be able to dress your mobster the way you see fit; meaning, you'll be able to purchase clothes, and shoes for your mobster. Looking to take over the Esperanza City rackets? Well you can either join the ranks of an existing crime family or venture out for yourself and start your own. Families will compete in weekly turf battles to claim control of the city.


Character Customization:

Character customization is something we haven't really talked about too much and seeing as how it's one of the biggest features in the game we feel as though we should give everyone a full detailed explanation on how this will work.

After you log in for the first time, you'll be prompted to create your mobster. You'll choose your sex(Male, Female), your class(Hitman, Brawler, Arsonist). After you select those options you'll start the customization aspect. You'll change your skin tone, your weight, muscle tone, eye color, hair style, facial hair(if you're a male) and many more options. We hope to be showcasing a demo video of this very soon!


We plan on launching a kickstarter campaign in the near future to help fund the project. More information on this subject will be released later when that time comes closer.

We plan on doing some developer videos, if you have any specific subjects you want us to cover or showcase in the videos just leave us a comment below. We'll do our best to get a video up showcasing the suggested subjects! We've also uploaded all of the images into our images gallery! Be sure to check 'em out!

For more information please check our contacts below:

Forum: http://lcn-game.com/forum

Facebook: http://facebook.com/lcnthegame

Company Website: R-jentertainment.com

Twitter: Twitter.com






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