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Protection Racket

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I am in the process of creating a free mod for mccodes v2 and grpg and would like some suggestions / input


Ok so this mod is nothing special

Users goes to the file and text comes up something like

so you want to be protected?? well if someone tries to make a move on you we will know and send one of our guys

there is then two links to click get a quote or go home.

If the user clicks get a quote the code is run and it will a quote which is something like 100 * the persons strength etc this will all be added up and then a fee of 10% is added to it (all changeable in the variables) they will also be charged a fee for this info.

I was going to give them a random number of days $rand = mt_rand(1,7); then make it cost diff for each days but when it come to the function

that handles the payments i figured it would be a diff rand and could mess things up so i decided to remove that part.

Instead of the quote thing would you's think it would be better to have another sql table with bodyguards with there own stats/hire rate per hour which can be shown when asked

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