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Gang Mafia Project

Gang Mafia

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Hello i want to introduce my Mafia MMO RPG "Gang Mafia".

Yes i hear you thinking oh no, again just another Mafia gangster RPG! Well think again!!

I recently modified this great game, to a *RM RPG and give the game a Super Cool extra dimension!

If you be wealthy and successful in the game you also be in real life!

Here is a list of what i changed and thing that are in process!


  • Altered the point system to a G-BTC system.
  • Added a Bitcoin system to calculate your current G-BTC to BTC based on the current Bitcoin live exchange rate
  • Modified the crystal market made it a drug bazaar where you can sell, buy items and pay with G-BTC, crystals, or money !
  • Modified the Spent points to Spent G-BTC
  • Add a G-BTC Exchange where you can buy and sell G-BTC
  • Changed the 50/50 Battle to Gamble with G-BTC
  • Added a G-BTC withdrawal script to withdrawal your earnings
  • Added a G-BTC transfer to other users option
  • Added a FB Login
  • Added Fb invite friends reward system
  • Added profile share modules
  • Connect to facebook reward for existed users system


Thing that are in process!


  • Bitcoin Payments gateway
  • G-BTC fluctuate exchange rate
  • Other payout methods
  • Redesign website CSS add Bootstrap and make it all device compatible.
  • Reprogram and Redesign our Android App
  • Make IOS App
  • Integrate the game fully with Facebook, so the game can be played trough FB.
  • Many Many more in process.....


Mind blowing surprise

There is a big surprise in process that will be mind blowing!

Soon i gonna release all the details about this so keep a eye on this thread!


Q What is a RM RPG?

A RM RPG is a Real Money Role Playing Game where you can earn Real Money just by playing the game!

Q How does this work?

A You take the role of a Mafia member, or stand out above others as a Mafia Gang Leader. To get Real Money you must gain G-BTC To gain G-BTC you can gamble, trade, kill, steal, sell and buy stuff on the drug Bazaar or make some at our in game exchange, and many more ways to gain them.

Q. What is G-BTC?

Q G-BTC (Game Bitcoin) are earned through playing the game e.g., trade on the online drug bazaar (SilkRoad), exchange on our in game Bitcoin Exchange or gamble with other user. Also get them for just playing and doing crimes or simply buy them, More New features are in process!


Q. What can i do with G-BTC?

A G-BTC have his own value of $0.019 (1300 G-BTC= $25 = 0.04 BTC (At the current rate)) and can be withdrawal from the game directly to your own local Bitcoin Wallet. (Withdrawal to Paypal in progress )

Q Why G-BTC and BTC?

A I truly believe in the future of Digital valuta and i think this can brings a other community's to the game !


Q. Does the exchange rate of the G-BTC fluctuates?

A. Currently not, 1300 G-BTC keeps its value of €25 but I have the scripts to make it fluctuate all most ready.

Q.Why make the G-BTC fluctuate?

A. Because when you play the game and for instant you buy, sell, hack, steel (in game) G-BTC the value of you earning goes up or down in the same direction like the Bitcoin. And gives a great extra dimension to the game because you can manage real investments in a game! If you be wealthy and rich in the game you also be in real life!


Q. What can i also do with G-BTC?

A. G-BTC only have a value in game and not somewhere else. You can withdrawal G-BTC currently only to BTC () your Local Bitcoin wallet.

Q. What other Nice futures haves the game?

A. Please come take a look at our game, give it a try and find out! http://www.gangmafia.com

Q. What does it cost!?

A. It's absolutely free!

Q. Is it safe?

A. Yes is Super Safe because, we dont hold any real Bitcoins Online so there can not be any stolen or lost.

About the G-BTC we log all website actions so any cheating or hacking will be noticed and we take appropriate measures against this.

Please read the rules and terms of service before playing.


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