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DevTransport Euro Truck 2 Multiplayer


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★ DevTransport.EU ★ 24-7 Trucking Company ★ Win Rewards for Trucking! ★

DevTransport.EU are looking for members and new recruits aswell as some leaders. We are a group which has been around for a while now based in the UK and US, we have many members who came looking for a freindly, helpful and nice clan. Many of them found it with our community.

If you are interested in learning more about DevTransport.EU you can contact me directly through Steam by adding me as a freind or by visiting http://www.devtransport.eu and registering for an account.

You can grab rewards by registering on the site and submitting jobs. Rewards include free DLC's and many other games which we give away for free on a regular basis. Normally the people who submit jobs will be randomly chosen to be given a serial key.

You MUST join the group so that we can gift DLC's and process them correctly.


You can also recieve a free image which shows your stats to put in the forum, it looks like this:


Don't want to join but support us?

OK! You can! Just register at http://www.devtransport.eu and begin submitting your in-game jobs on our website for rewards.

Ideally, please connect to TeamSpeak via our TeamSpeak server to become verified and to be a member of our trucking company. We do convoys literally every day and are always online via TeamSpeak and we are very keen to register many new members as much as we can.


(( Port not needed, auto ported ))

Many thanks in advance and I hope to see some new truckers around,

word of advice the ts server is down for maintence

back up ts is this TS IP:

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