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Toplist for Sale: Best Text Games


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(I started a new thread because the old one is well, old, and information therein irrelevant)

I am putting Best Text Games up for sale!

The list currently has over 100 games listed, and people are still submitting games on an almost regular basis.

As far as revenue goes, the only monetizing I have done on the site is AdSense, which is miniscule at best. There are tons of spots for ads throughout the site, however I just never got around to building an ad system I'd like.

I am looking to sell the site simply because I don't have the time for it and I would like to see it be put to good use!

For this reason I am only asking $250 for the site, and even that is negotiable. PayPal is the only way I am able to accept payment.

Contact me on Skype at: TheHootyHoo

Or MSN/LIVE Messenger at: kyle UNDERSCORE 07 UNDERSCORE AT live DOT com

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Sorry lol, just worried about spam bots and whatnot.

As for the site, yes, the buyer will have full rights over the site and domain. Change it as you see fit, add things, remove them, all up to you.

The domain is registered through GoDaddy so it will be easy to transfer.

I have the site hosted on my resellers plan, so it has its own cPanel and all that. I will give the buyer full access to the cPanel after the sale is completed. From that point buyer can move the site over to his/her hosting plan or they are more than welcome to host it with me for $50/year and avoid the hassle of transferring.

Long story short: Yes buyer has full rights to do as they please with the site.

*edit* on top of that just to be clear I would be relinquishing all my rights to the site and content therein. I have no intention of going off to create another toplist to compete with your or anything. I just make websites for clients I meet in person these days, so I haven't got time to run any sites for myself. I feel that BTG would be better off in the hands of someone that has the time to bring it to its full potential.

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No it definitely isn't as active as it once was, however it has the potential to be quite active. It has slowed down because I haven't been able to be active with it and get new games approved as regularly as I should. The site needs some work, which is why the price is negotiable. I am just trying to hand it over to someone that wants to make it the site it has the potential to be and get what I can for the work I put into it.

I would start by sending out a newsletter to current members to get them back to the site. Then I would continue doing what I did to get the games that are on there already: directly contacting game owners/head admin through their game's mail system. It doesn't take long to get the traffic going for these sites.

Actually I started work on a points system for game owners so that votes on their games earn them points that can be used for featured listings, highlighted listings, as well as advertisement on the site and so-on.

Sadly I just don't have time for all that, however I'll gladly share all the future plans I had for the site with the buyer.

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