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Weapon Bomb || £5.00


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Hello, time to introduce my second Paid Module!

This is completely my own work usually get some help by Steven(NonStopCoding) if needed but this was much more simple than I thought it would be, atleast I know im learning quickly now.

I'll describe how I work this on my own game;

As my game has another currency named Platinum, which when you buy a donator package, you receive a bunch of Platinum to spend via a Platinum shop. Also I use platinum for this module, so users can attempt to try there luck on a fantastic weapon.

Users can look for a rare weapon they wish to get within the bomb store, there is a Low Chance costing a small amount of platinum and a High Chance costing a much more amount of platinum that will possibly give them the weapon or not!

This is a great feature as users will be eager to try there luck on getting the best of weapons, so what if they don't manage to get the weapon and run out of platinum? Maybe they are a gambler and go spend more money on your game and then they go try there luck again.

The process repeats!

-£5.00 for this module

-1 Payment = 1 License

-Includes Instructions

-Can only resell for under original price(£5.00)

-Do NOT class as your own

Screenshot of the Store:


So yes, £5.00 via Paypal PM me if you wish to get this from me or wait until its in the MCCodes Marketplace.

I have several more modifications to come within the next few weeks. Some Free + Some Paid!


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