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Hello guys, some of you may know me, considering i do ask for a little help when coding sometimes on this forum.

But some of you are already aware that I used to create graphics for a huge international fansite.

Anyhow, here is a design, It's not free to use, but offers are welcome, of course not looking for some great amount of money.

This is my first layout i have designed for gangster, mafia, crime games etc..

So rate it, opinion on it and any constructive advice please share!

If you wish to buy it, but want anything adjusting let me know.

PM me for a price or just offer a price.

*****Removed for an edit will be put back on soon*****

Cheers guys.

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Hmmmmm.... Well, most of the images on there seems like they were just taken from somewhere else. Using images from stock photos is not an issue, i do this with some of my designs. The problem is that most of the images on there looks like they were just taken from somewhere else and not saved properly (IE, the menu bars have a black background which tends to happen when you copy an image with a transparent background instead of saving it). Plus, you can see throughout the design there are parts trying to be hidden by pasting over it. I would give the design a little more thought and time. Try to create some of the stuff by hand instead of just copying them. Really lost with the ipod jut being thrown on there. If it was a hacker game, it would make a little more sense. Focus on positioning. For example, the stat bars are just thrown on there instead of organized and spaced equally. Overall the template doesn't feel balance.

These are just few pointers. As mention focus on spacing and making sure the template flows as one.

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The only image on there that isn't mine is the banner. I thought it would be pointless to go into creating one when it wouldn't be used anyhow.

The IPod (I made that IPod almost a year ago for a fansite), I guess a recoloring would be good and extending the charger wire.

Anyway cheers for the input, Im going to remove the above design and just do some quick edits and you can let me know on the new look of it soon as i repost.

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