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I lack design skills, but here is something I came up with!

Blade Maker

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Not sure how I can post an image without it being a link, but here:


I do not design very much at all, this is probably one of my better ones even if it doesn't exactly look like much.

I am open to suggestions and opinions,thanks!

Sorry for watermarks I'll remove once the transaction with the client is complete and it is then fully his.

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I have to say it's not bad. I would probably remove the arrow above the Login box, it just looks silly in my opinion, I would also make the size of the "Login" heading a bit smaller. I would make the gun in the logo smaller and be in proportion with rest of the logo.

Additional padding below the Sign up button. Making the container (the design itself) a bit wider width, it seems too small right now.

Also, to make up for the lack of art in the design itself which is good because of stylistically pure it is, I would consider adding some more esthetically background that adds up the art.

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