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lily a modular web game engine


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Let me get this right...you are gonna make a game engine in hours?

I cant wait to see what you come up with...could be good or bad...

Well, let me expand a bit. Obviously, a full-featured game engine is impossible to get done within 5 hours (unless you're awesome), so we could scratch that right away. However, getting the architecture of a modular engine is possible, but again this would be a very early alpha.

We'll see how it goes, I am used working with crazy deadlines.

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I want to see an MVC modular engine...I made one for personal use but i wana see what others come up with.

Are you just doing procedural?

I haven't decided yet whet ever how to handle the business logic, however the presentation (views) and controller is separated. A URL points to a modules command, a command loads appropriate data and then renders template, is how it works so far.

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Some messy structure has been uploaded, however the core lays almost as it should be. I will be cleaning up tomorrow, but if anyone feel like checking it out, I've pushed the repository linked in the first post. (Yes, I am aware of some security threats, and I'll deal with them as well tomorrow).

Yeah, I am to tired to finish the last hour, haha. Anyway. I think I got a solid start.

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