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Football Manager base core needed - Hiring


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I am looking for an experienced developer to build a core engine for a to be Online Football Manager game. I do have a set budget, so i am wanting to get one or two estimates from those who are interested.

About the project:

The online football manager game will be built with PHP and MySQL. It will be a game where upon registering, you will take over your own football team to manage in a league with other registered players. Your team will consistent of randomly generated players with different ages, attack / defence ratings (0 - 100), and positions (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, attacker). The players will be given a value depending on their age and rating. (i.e. 22yrs 89 rating would be worth more than a 30yrs with 89 rating). Each league will consist of 20 teams where all teams will play each other twice (home and away). At the end of the season (after everyone has played each team twice), people in the top 3 positions will be promoted to the next league (unless already in league 1), and the bottom 3 will be relegated to the league below. Depending on your finishing league position, you will be rewarded with money to spend.

For now, that is all i am wanting for the base structure. Eventually if everything goes well, i will hire the developer to do more complicated work such as the potential match engine, with tactics involved, transferring players between clubs etc etc.

If you are from the other side of the pond, i'm talking about soccer here.

Some online examples are:



I can explain more thoroughly to those who are interested in the project.


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