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Need Help Quick [Viewuser.php]


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I Added This To View User.php:


if($r['user_level']== 2) { $userlevel="[b]ADMIN[$rank][/b]"; }
elseif($r['user_level']== 3) { $userlevel="[b]MOD[$rank][/b]"; } 
elseif($r['user_level']== 4) { $userlevel="[b]HDOP[$rank][/b]"; }
elseif($r['user_level']== 5) { $userlevel="[b]Forum Mod[$rank][/b]"; }
elseif($r['user_level']== 1) { $userlevel="[b]$rank[/b]"; }


And Added The $rank 's , So On People Profiles I've Added It All, Now When I Go On An Admins Profikle Next To Rank It Says: ADMIN[ADMINS RANK HERE]

and same with hdop, mod, and forum mod, (different colors though) but when i look at a normal members profile, Its supposed just to there thier rank specified in the $rank list i made, just like admin, or mod but with no ADMIN[rank] just the rank on its own, but nothing comes up

can someone please tell me why, when i visit a user with the user_level = 1 the rank dosent show up

thanks!, +1 if help

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Re: Need Help Quick [Viewuser.php]


if($ir['level']== 1) {$rank = Scallywag;

then loads more

Are you getting any syntax errors?

And also, try this:

if($r['user_level']== 2) $userlevel = '[b]<font color="orange">ADMIN[</font>$rank<font color=orange>]</font>[/b]';
else if ($r['user_level'] == 3) $userlevel = '[b]<font color="yellow">MOD[' . $rank . ']</font>[/b]';
else if ($r['user_level'] == 4) $userlevel = '[b]<font color="green">HDOP[' . $rank . ']</font>[/b]';
else if ($r['user_level'] == 5) $userlevel = '[b]<font color="#3399FF">Forum Mod[' . $rank . ']</font>[/b]';
else $userlevel = '[b]' . $rank . '</font>[/b]';
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