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Hello, me and a friend of mine have decided to make a website called Gangsters-Sanctuary. It will be using a base of another game he helped to create, we will be re doing all the layout and so on so it looks better than what it was, the basic script was 3-4 years old.

So please comment saying what you think/how you will change it to make it look better, thank you.

What we have updated:

* New menu on left side, now has a dropdown.

* Striped CSS.

* Rounded each menu.

* Restyled top left stats box.

* Obviously done a new banner.

* Added a new notification footer, which will update whenever anyone has a message or the game sends out an update.

* Added Hovers on the health and rank bars saying what they are.


When will the game be open for testing?

The game will be open for testing in the next few days or maybe a weeks time, if your interested then inbox me.

What the layout looks like so far.


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