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I see a lot of threads on here about people who are just looking to buy a game, little to no programming experience and are really just looking for that brand able solution. In reality this can get very complicated when dealing with one persons thoughts on a game to the next. I thought it would be nice if someone offered a make a game service at a fair price. This service will not provide you a full one stop solution to game making.

What I will provide:

I will provide a game framework based on your ideas within reason.

I will provide a functional working version as a demo including admin panel.

I will provide up to 1 month cpanel hosting on my Dedicated Server.

I will provide up to 1 month of full support on the script.

I will provide up to 3 new features within the 1 month support period, additional features may be purchased through a separate negotiation.

I will provide modifications within reason.

I will provide a reasonable turn around rate based on first come first serve basis.

I will provide An API so programming in new features can be easily done.

I will provide A readable source code tailored to your game.

What you will get:

An object oriented framework of a game in your genre with your ideas written from scratch in php, ajax, javascript, html.

A working demo of your game with minor style attributes.


What do I need to know:

You will need to have a grasp on css styling, html and if you plan to release features, a grasp on php slightly for the API.


What I will not provide:

I will not provide unlicensed software made by other developers

I will not provide a full styled, logo created, game. This will be up to you to style your game and create logos/images.

I will not provide hosting 1 month after the game is created, approved, paid for.

I will not provide modifications like "Can you change this link to 'Hey' instead of 'Hello'" as I will require you to at least know something about html, css.


What I will charge:

If you message me your basic idea I will provide you my personal email address or an msn contact and a valid time to reach me online in which I will request you email me a detailed description of your game and what features, actions this game should have for the end user, etc. I will then reply to your email with a quote for the work. Payment would be due when the project is completed. A good faith payment of 10% may be required on orders which is very reasonable.


What I do for a living:

I am a Linux Admin at a reputable and very popular Web Hosting provider.


What payment types I accept:

I can accept paypal or a money order through mail with tracking confirmation deducted from amount quoted.


Also you are more than welcome to use any game engines already on the market as this does not intend to detract from them but only to enhance gaming experience as a whole and offer a service that might be needed.


Look forward to hearing from you.

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