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Organized Crime Game (Not Just Mafia)


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Syndicate Rule

Game abstract:

A twist to the standard Mafia RPG, adding other Organized Crime Syndicates to the mix. Players will be able to create Motorcycle Clubs, Drug Cartels, Street Gangs, or the obligatory Mafia Family.

(Some of the) Unique features:

A lot of game influences come from the GRPG engine, but the engine itself is 100% mine. I wrote this from the ground up. So far, I have not deviated too much from the GRPG base features, but the engine itself is only about 40 hours (actual time spent on game) old. The main difference between my engine and the GRPG engine are the player attributes; being that I have expanded the base 3 (Speed, Strength, Defense) into more than double the trainable attributes. All of which, are a factor in the custom fight engine. Also has forums written by me for 100% compatibility with the game.

Technology used:

PHP & MySQL with minor Javascript.

Current development status:

Online/Live - Still considered Beta.

My own skills and tasks in the game:

Developer. This game has been written from the ground up by me using PHP & MySQL. I am not at all good with Javascript, but can do some beginner things with it. Graphics/layout/code are all me.

What I/we are looking for:

I need another developer that can also act as an administrator by adding content to the game. This means being active by playing the game (to know what it offers and needs) and on the forums. Looking for someone that can code PHP/MySQL. Javascript abilities would be a bonus.

Expenses will be covered by:

Me. I already have the game hosted and live. Once it begins to generate money, it will cover its own expenses.

Current team:

This guy. Have a potential second partner that I have worked with before, but have yet to receive an answer from him.

Share / gain of the partners:

To begin, I would like to maintain all ownership rights to the game. As the game progresses and contributions are made, ownership splits can be discussed. As for profit sharing, that will also be a "down the road" discussion. I am willing to begin with an 80/20 split, in my favor. However, as already stated, I would like to emphasize that the 80/20 split is not final.


You may contact me on Skype: wil.loman13 or via email: [email protected]

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