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Criminals Nightmare


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Hello everyone,

This is my first and only browser game I own which has been released/improved into Version 2 for better view and play, so that means it gets all the full attention it needs.

I have put a lot of time and effort into this game to make it hopefully enjoyable and have loads of things to do.

My player database is currently at approximately 10-20 players daily and 25-35 a week; hopefully this will increase in time.

I update this game regularly with small/big updates and I'm more than happy to receive any modification suggestions players may want in the game.

- NOTE: all suggestions are welcome as even bad ideas can be improved on and changed about for better usage.

There is currently no Demo Account for registering reasons (IP checks while registering).

Game Name: Criminals Nightmare

URL: http://www.criminals-nightmare.com/login.php

Description: Criminals Nightmare is a free crime text-based browser game.


- Gym (Train stats)

- Crimes (Gain money)

- Housing (Require more than Money (Need Materials))

- Drugs (Grow your own plants from grounds up)

- Number Game (Gain money by chance)

- Hide and Seek (Hide and reward players Money, Knives or Nothing at all (bit fun))

- Competitions (Guess the correct answer to win Moneys, Knives or Items)

- NPC Castle (Kill NPC's for rewards)

- Criminal Killing Area (Kill NPC's for items to exchange for money)

- Safe House (Collect blood from your victims and exchange the blood for Stats (%) or Refills)

- Users Shop (Add items to your shop shelves for free (Item Market charges insertion *will be coded soon*))

- Marriage (Share your property with your partner)

- Weekly Raffle (Gain money)

- Searching (Search a map for money/items)

- Gangs (Form a gang and commit crimes/wars)

o Skills Area

- Mining (Mine ore)

- Smelting (Make Bars from the Ore you mine)

- Smithing (Make Knives from the Bars you make)

- Woodcutting (Cut logs to exchange for Money)

Plus many many more features and many more future updates to come too!

I hope you join and start playing this game while enjoying yourself with our friendly communtity inside the game and bring all your friends along to play together with everyone else.

Thanks for reading,


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