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Gang Ranks

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Anybody know how "Gang Ranks" could be done?

Let's say,

You created a gang, it would insert that new gang in the database and you have the rank "Leader" and if another player joined your gang they would have a rank "Member". Leader and Member rank would automatically be in every gangs ranks. But the leader could create/edit gang ranks for that gang, which would have checkboxes next to things that rank can manage in the gang i.e: Vault, Members, Ranks, Invitations, Crimes, Gang Page, Gang Profile, Applications, Gang Name/Tag, and Mass Mail. And could update any member of the gang to that new rank..

I've tried to do this, but I can't get it to work...

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I have done this before, and I might still have the code. This is from some earlier stuff, so the code is likely quite hectic. However, if I can find it, and you were willing to decipher it, I'd be happy to share.


edit: Found it, along with the SQL. Let me know if you want to look/use it.

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