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Trying to make base EXP calculator..


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OKAY, so on my criminal.php page I want the table to have like the percentage of EXP you will gave for doing that crime,

I currently have:

$EXP = (int) ($r2['crimeSUCCESSMUNY'] / 25); //$1,000 / 25 = 40 EXP

$needexp = (int) (($ir['level'] + 1) * ($ir['level'] + 1) * ($ir['level'] + 1) * 2.2); //6036.8 EXP need to level to level 14

$EXP2 = (int) $needexp / 100 * $EXP; // 2414.72

$EXP = "$EXP2%";

but it returns a crazy amount like 2414.72%, which would level the user up like 24 times. (Whereas it's only meant to be like 2/4%)

Your support is much appreciated thank you

EDIT: Nevermind sorry I have done it myself was using the wrong sum!

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