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[WTH] Template Coding Services #002


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I require someone who has good knowledge in mccodes and css/xhtml who is able to code a template from PSD into a secured version of mccodes v2 and make all features of the template working (they will be mentioned at the bottom of the thread) the template can not contain any errors and must work in all popular browsers (cross browser compatible) Who ever codes in the template must make sure every single page of the site displays properly using this template and if not must fix it.

Template features which must work:


  • Game Time must work on the left hand side of the template as shown in the screenshot
  • Users Online must work on the left hand side of the template as shown in the screenshot
  • Avatar must work as shown on the top right hand side of the template as shown in the screenshot
  • Extra stats must also be displayed in the "Your Stats" area which are not normally in mccodes
  • A custom admin page is also needed as the admin page on the left hand side would have too many items so a page is needed that would organize these in a orderly fashion, this is required for the admin panel and the moderator panel.



  • When a user clicks on "SIGN UP NOW!" a jQuery register box similar to the one in the thread below should pop up and after registration the user should be logged in and redirected to the tutorial page:






Whoever takes this job on will be dealing with a fresh copy of mccodes v2 (secured) and a reasonable deadline will be established, payment will be given on completion. Payment will be done through PayPal and be paid as a service from the business PayPal account.

Please feel free to quote me for this job and the time frame required, please also make sure all quotes are in USD $

I will only choose someone reputable on this forum within the next 7 days.

Please post in thread as i will not accept anyone over PM.

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