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Create Mobile apps for your games includes mobile templates.


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I am creating android, blackberry and IOS apps for your website, this is a webview app directing at your website with a template made for the mobile which will fit the screen perfectly (mobile friendly).

Please do not mistake this as an complete project of your game, i am not coding the whole website up for a mobile app just a webview.

Mobile apps bring in a lot of traffic and donation thats only if the game content is good and fun and also if the mobile app makes it easy to navigate through the game on a mobile, i've seen most people make free app geyser apps for android which first of all they display ads and the app displays the pc version of the game, the people you get will just simply uninstall because it will be difficult to play a pc version on a small screen as there is much scrolling and stuff to do, i will create a simple design to fit all screen resolution.

Android app + design = $100

Blackberry + design = $120

IOS + design = $150

Recently i had done an IOS app for ColdBlooded you may contact him and ask.

Please Pm me or add me on [email protected]

I also offer PSD template for games (PC) starting at $100 includes:



Depending on the extent of the designs and how many pages need designing prices could vary.

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