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Making a creative Idea about games and entertainment

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Guest yasirctg

Video games and entertainment

The classic "Windows Solitaire" was a milestone and a turnaround in which the game turned into something accessible to everyone. They learned to play solitaire from office staff to housewives, becoming one of the most popular and widespread games.

With the rise of phones like iPhone and social networks, video games for all ages have spread rapidly, reaching more and more people, both young and old. Video games are no longer a sanctuary for most geeks, now everyone is playing with his mobile phone in park, on the bus or even at work.

The video game industry has been one of the few that has maintained its growth in times of crisis, in part because the games that are developed in Spain, are not sold in this country alone, but are distributed worldwide. It is therefore a good chance profession, a profession with many similarities to graphic design, which quickly distinguishes the worth of that, in which raw creativity. To read More: http://www.playgen.com

Video games and the marketing

Video games have become so popular and widespread that it is not limited to entertainment. Companies from all sectors use them as a publicity stunt, on their websites or even ads embedded in websites of newspapers and publications. They have come to play video games in the election campaigns of political parties.

Companies have seen in make games a source of ideas for more creative marketing, so surprisingly, the marketing companies also start to look at the video game professionals advise them, or even to develop games as for their advertising campaigns .

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