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BC Media Takes over Leet Media Who is Offering Great CPC Traffic in North America

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Leet Media is the web's premier performance-based advertising solution for the online games niche. We believe that monetizing and growing your audience of gamers should be easy, and our self-service tools make this faster and more effective than ever.

BC Media Group has acquired the assets of Leet Media in an all cash deal. This acquisition adds over 50 million monthly ad impressions our network for advertisers looking to target gaming inventory.

One of the best features of Leet Media is that it is a self serve real time bidding advertising platform. Minimum CPC bids start at 5 cents, and the Leet Media platform will automatically optimize your campaign for the banner with the best click through rate. Also, if you implement our conversion pixel, the platform will optimize your campaign towards the creative with the lowest CPA. In other words, this platform is geared towards CPA marketers.

On the publisher side, we’re seeing this back out to some great CPMs, especially with sites that give our tags prominent placement. Also, you can convert your earnings to advertising credit and receive a 20% bonus.

For more information, or to sign up as a publisher or advertiser on the Leet Media RTB, be sure to visit Leetmedia.com

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